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Car News

  • Birmingham’s Clean Air Zone (CAZ)

    Birmingham is on a journey to cleaner air. Populations are growing, new developments are being built, rail and metro...

  • Service, Maintenance and Repair for your Fleet

    Regular servicing is vital to prolong the longevity of your company’s fleet. If you look after your vehicle’s properly...

  • Winter Driving Tips

    Long nights, icy roads, flooded country lanes, more breakdowns and long delays, the winter can be a difficult time...

  • AFV’s continue to buck the trend in decline

  • Airless, puncture free and lasts a lifetime – Michelin’s new concept tyre

  • Return to Coventry – UK’s Motor City

  • Study finds most major car manufactures have diesel models not Euro 6 in real world driving

  • Travel times and congestion up during peak times

  • Ford to be at forefront of mass driverless vehicles by 2021

  • New Nissan petrol engine to end today’s diesel engines? Possibly.