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Short Lease

Flexible short term leasing for businesses

We are able to offer our customers brand new short lease vehicles as an alternative to daily rental, flexi lease or contract hire with only a short term commitment.

Ideal for new staff in probation periods or for seasonal assignments / contracts. You are able to operate a new, reliable company vehicle at a low deposit and without committing to a long term contract.

Our short lease service differs from Flexi Lease because the vehicles are supplied for a fixed term (usually 6 – 12 months, although this varies by make and model of vehicle).

Vehicles are supplied new, have a low initial payment and monthly rental. The rentals and terms are often more favourable than contract hire – especially as most vehicles will not require servicing or tyres due to the short retention period.


Short Lease benefits at a glance:

  • Low initial payment and monthly rental
  • Full operational control of the vehicle retained by customer
  • Ideal for new staff in probation periods or for seasonal assignments
  • Reduced cost without committing to a long term contract
  • Off balance sheet
  • Fixed, short term contract profile
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